18 Mar

25 Facts On Ross Lynch

We LOVE Ross Lynch. He can really do it all, sing, act, dance and more. Check out these 25 facts below about the R5 singer. Then, let us know what you love about him!

1. His full name is Ross Shor Lynch. His friends and family have come up with some interesting nicknames for the actor including Rossy Jersey Shor and Rossome.
2. Ross’s favorite color is yellow.
3. He has three brothers and one sister. His siblings Riker, Rydel and Rocky are members of his family band. Family friend, Ellington is also a member of R5.
4. Ross can play piano, guitar and drums.
5. He was born in Littleton, Colorado on December 19, 1995.
6. Ross named one of his guitars Luna.
7. In 2005 he was on “So You Think You Can Dance”.
8. He loves to play hockey, he has been playing ever since he was a kid.
9. Ross just got his license not too long ago.
10. Ross loves to get adrenaline pumping.
11. He loves being high in the sky. He can’t wait to be old enough to get his pilot’s license.
12. His favorite movie is “Romeo And Juliet”
13. He is related to Derek and Julianne Hough.
14. Skateboarding is one of Ross’s many hobbies.
15. In 2013, Ross and Bella Thorne were featured in a Danimals yogurt commercial.
16. Ross plays Austin Moon on Disney Channel’s “Austin & Ally”. The series taped the pilot episode in 2011.
17. He’s super tall! Ross stands at 6 feet right now!
18. In 2007, Ross and his family moved to Los Angeles to support his brother Riker pursue his dream of working in the entertainment industry.
19. Ross is a huge fan of the Script, his brother Rocky got him into them.
20. Ross likes almost all types of food especially pizza.
21. His hair is naturally dirty blonde.
22. He used to be a part of the dance crew, Rage Boyz Crew.
23. R5’ debut EP titled “Loud” was released on February 19, 2013 and is now available on iTunes.
24. Ross has been hard at work filming a Disney Channel Original movie titled “Teen Beach Movie”. The film is scheduled to premiere on July 19th.
25. His official Twitter handle is @RossR5 and he has over 460,000 followers.

*Image Via Artist’s Instagram

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  • lexi said on September 12, 2014 at 3:18 pm

    Ross lynch you are so sexy how old are you ? I live in Casper Wyoming i am 16 years old by!

  • emily webler said on September 15, 2014 at 8:25 am

    emily webler said ross lynch i love blanket and my favorte ice chearm is ookie dough ice cearm and my favorte color is yellow and my favorte band r5 and my favorte group is r5 and emily webler said i love to fly kite and my mom is the best mom in the wole wide word and she makes my favorte foods every and she cleaning the living room at the how house and my mom and dad i love my mom and dad to and emily webler i have sblings and austin webler is my son and alexis webler is my best friend and ava webler is my sister she is a good sisiter and i love har and she love me and i am my gridpapa and i am is graddougter and i love him and he love me and rocky lynch radel lynch and eingtong ratliff lynch and ross lynch and miss storme lynch and mr stome mark lynch you remmer my ant she is a garl she babe sit us i am har nice ross lynch and i love to drive a car my dad said whan i am 16 he said to me he well teach me how to drive and i dent a driver lisens and i lexi emily said my bathday is coming up my bathday is desomeder 17 and i am torning 16 yours old

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