3 Reasons Demi’s ‘Ruin The Friendship’ Isn’t About Getting It On With Nick Jonas

Michaela Marcelo

October 2, 2017

Proceed with caution.  (#NEMI SHIPPERS BEWARE)


If you haven’t heard, Kween Demi’s album ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ officially dropped just this Saturday, Sept. 29. And if you also haven’t heard, one particular song has fans everywhere that Demi might just want more than just friendship with her all-time BFF Nick J.



As an avid feminist and supporter of creative freedom, I find this to be ridiculous- as I think Mama Demi would too.

In a scary place like 2017, most still haven’t really wrapped their heads around a lot of things- like Demi and Nick are just really good friends and why this song isn’t about ‘their’ friendship. Or let’s put it in a better perspective, this song doesn’t mean that Demi wants to ‘ruin’ her friendship with the JoBro.

Now, I know that there are a lot of #Nemi shippers out there, and that I may be one too but this just can’t be. So, proceed reading with caution!

Let me break it down for you:


Demi and Nick’s strongest ship is their friendship



The duo have been through a lot together, both in the darkest times of their lives and have still puled through as friends.

If you were to remember all the times they were there for each other you would think they’ve gotten together by now. You can only be vulnerable around each other and still come out strong as friends for how many times and not want to jump each other and the gun and just jump into a relationship- yet here they are!


Demi is just like all of us


When I say that, I mean she’s just like all of us who thinks ‘What if?’ And that means, she shouldn’t be poked at for creatively expressing her thoughts and feelings. She is an artist after all.

We’re sure that they’ve thought of it, but if they say they’re just friends then they are. We have to respect that.


Demi and Nick are like siblings



We don’t know about everyone else out there, but I’ve seen all videos of #Nemi together, and I don’t feel a spark or ‘that tension’ between them.

When I see Demi and Nick, this is what I see- true love that you have for family. And while that may have the possibility of growing further, I think it won’t. They’re in such a good place now that they’re able to be there for each other without complicating things. Also can you imagine ending up with your ex’s brother???? No, thank you.



Hate to break it to ya, but the song is completely artistic freedom and like everybody else that ostracizes artists out there who bare their soul creatively- it’s a masterpiece and an outlet to merely explore thoughts and feelings OF THEIR OWN.

R.I.P. Nemi.