Get to Know Marina City and Why They Believe Dreamers Never Die!

Michaela Marcelo

November 12, 2017

We have Marina City answering our questions today! As part of Popstar!’s Rising Stars Top 40, we want to know what’s made them who they are now.
Get a more intimate look on one of our favorite bands at the moment, Marina City. Find out why they made it to the Top 40 and why you should be fangirling too!
When did you start making music?
The band started in 2012 but all of us have been making music individually the moment we were able to walk and talk. 
What are your musical inspirations/influences?
We have so many but right now we have been really into Fall Out Boy, Imagine Dragons, The 1975, The Weeknd, Bleachers, Smallpools, Vinyl Theater and anything like that!
 What would be your dream collab?
We love Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake haha but Fall Out Boy would be right up there with them!
Where did you grow up? How did it influence your writing process?
Chicago! It’s a dark, cold, work hard city and has heavily affected us, our work ethic, and just our darker sounds to pop music. 
Evidently, the band has amassed a following that loves and supports them dearly. One thing we also noticed is that the band maintains a close relationship with their fans. No wonder they’re so successful!
What’s your first memory of creating music?
Just writing break downs and moshing into each other at rehearsal because we thought we were so metal! 
Do you have any pre show rituals?
Right before we go on stage we put our hands in and our drummer, Eric, yells “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts” and we all yell ” CAN’T LOSE” 
What’s your favorite venue to play? Any dream venues you hope to play in the future?

We LOVE the Rave in Milwaukee. The Ghost stories, the staff, the sound, the hospitalities, and just about everything else is always really fun. Hopefully one day we play Wrigley Field 😉

What are your overall career goals?
Being able to support ourselves and our families because of the music we play. 
How would you define your sound?
Our sound is constantly evolving but you can say Pop, Rock N Soul right now.


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