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Here’s How Camila Cabello Reacted To Ariana Grande’s Engagement!

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Talk about #friendshipgoals!


Ariana Grande and Camila Cabello have gotten incredibly close for a while now. In fact, the talented women have often even joked that they’re practically married!


So of course, when news of Ariana’s engagement came out, Camila reacted in the most BFF-y way!


News that Ariana had gotten engaged to boyfriend Pete Davidson broke on Monday (June 11). That very same day, the besties had a hilarious exchange on social media about the turn of events.


Ariana wrote on Twitter:

We need to talk @camila_cabello” 


Camila then responded with this:

“KEEP THE RING, IM TAKING THE CANNOLIS (who’s keeping the dogs tho?)”

Ariana’s reply? “THE CANNOLIS!!!!!!!!!” Followed by this:

“U keep the kids I’LL be keeping the cannolis @camila_cabello thank you” 

To which Camila adorably answered:

“See u in court……..”

What are friends for, right? So cute!!!

READ: Inside Camila Cabello And Taylor Swift’s Friendship

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Hold up! We knew they were friends. They’re currently on the road together. But just how close are they? And has anyone figured out how the Camila Cabello-Taylor Swift friendship began?


Thankfully, we’re getting the story straight from one of them! In a recent interview Camila opened up about her budding friendship with the “Delicate” songstress, who she met through mutual friend Hailee Steinfeld. She was going through her first break-up at the time (not the romantic kind, mind you).

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“She sent me a breakup playlist and said, ‘Come over. Let’s talk about it,’ ” Camila told Rolling Stone. “I think the Haim girls were there. It was, like, a girls-night thing.”


As for advice Tay has given her that she took to heart, this is one of them: “just write it out.”


The “Havana” singer even shared that she uses songwriting as a way of coping. “There were so many songs that didn’t make my album that were just me getting it out,”


Aside from giving sage advice, looks like Taylor is also a sweet and supportive friend to Camila. She calls her Baby C, and watches her perform onstage too!

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Camila and fellow artist, Charlie XCX, have been opening for the headliner since the “Reputation” Stadium Tour kicked off last May 8. They also sometimes join her onstage for major girl-power vibes with “Shake It Off”.


Okay, one mystery out of the way. But is she officially part of the squad?


We’re waiting for the answers to these follow-ups: 1. Is Taylor throwing a Fourth of July party this year?; and 2. Will Camila be there?

Is This Shawn Mendes Song About Camila Cabello?


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They may be just BFFs — but for shippers, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello could definitely be so much more!


And on Shawn’s new, self-titled album, fans are speculating that this one song may just be all about Camilla!


The song, titled “Why”, tells the story of a guy who’s totally secretly in love with a girl, even though they act like there’s nothing going on. Sound familiar? Check out the lyrics here and see for yourself:

“I know a girl, she’s like a curse / We want each other, no one will break first / When people ask about us, now, we just brush it off / I don’t know why we act like it means nothing at all / I wish that I could tell you that you’re all that I want, yeah.”



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Of course, after hearing these lyrics, the internet went wild. Check out some fan reactions here:

“It is basically confirmed Why by Shawn Mendes is dedicated to Camila I’M SBKBSKSNSKSB”


“WHY is about Camila, that’s it, you can’t convince me otherwise.”


“bruh remember when everyone was saying that lost in japan was about camila?? then now everyone was saying shawn’s new song ‘why’ is about her too!! my shawmila heart is full”


“we been knew Why is about Camila & All These Years is about Shawn.
now, can they date.”


“I’m genuinely wondering about how Shawn and Camila both listened to each other’s albums before they came out like,,,,, how did Shawn give feedback on All These Years? And did Camila just completely pretend like she didn’t hear Shawn declare his love for her on Why?”


“I see the lyrics to “WHY” and I remember Shawn crying at Camila’s concert and him saying how her passion influenced him to make an album. Have mercy”


“Camila and Shawn wrote All these years and Why about each other almost simultaneously I’m”


What do YOU think???

Camila Cabello Dreamed Of Going To A Taylor Swift Concert – And Now She’s Touring With Her!

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Camila Cabello’s latest Instagram post just gave us ALL THE FEELS!


The 21-year-old Havana singer is currently performing with Taylor Swift on her Reputation tour. And after opening night, she took to social media to candidly share how she felt about sharing the stage with her superstar bestie – who was also one of her biggest idols way back when!


Camila recalled that she used to dream about being able to go to a Taylor Swift concert:

“What was going through my mind at this moment: I remembered when i came to school one day (I think I was in 9th grade but could be wrong) and my friend Mariana had just seen Taylor on the speak now tour and told me she touched her hand.


I was like when am I ever gonna be able to afford to go to a Taylor swift concert and touch her hand during speak now —


— and I just had a moment of ‘if you would’ve told me then what was gonna happen I wouldn’t have believed it’ and I had such an intense gratitude for everything I’m experiencing right now.”




Guuuys, dreams really do come true. Love this. Happy for you, Camila!

Camila Cabello Gets Candid About Life With OCD

Image result for camila cabelloCamila Cabello is opening up about living with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

The 21-year-old Havana singer works hard and is very talented – and she’s deservedly enjoying a red-hot career right now. She’s also been struggling with OCD. And in an interview with Cosmopolitan, the stunner candidly talks about how OCD affects her day-to-day life.

Camila candidly revealed:

“OCD is weird. I laugh about it now. Everybody has different ways of handling stress. And, for me, if I get really stressed thinking about something, I’ll start to have the same thought over and over again, and no matter how many times I get to the resolution, I feel like something bad is about to happen if I don’t keep thinking about it.

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I didn’t know what it was and when I found out, and [learned] how to step back from it, it made me feel so much better. I feel so much more in control of it now. To the point where I’m just like, ‘Aha! OK, this is just my OCD.’

I’ll ask my mom a question for the fourth time, and she’ll be like, ‘That’s OCD. You’ve got to let it go.’”

Props to Camila for living her best life, no matter what struggles she may have!

Camila Cabello, Dua Lipa and Shawn Mendes Will Be Firing Up The Stage At 2018 Billboard Music Awards

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The 2018 Billboard Music Awards is putting on some major star power. The first group of performers are in, and they are hot!

Camila Cabello, Dua Lipa and Shawn Mendes are among the line-up of performers set to take the stage at the 2018 BBMA. The awards show is known for putting the spotlight on music’s biggest names – and everyone can agree that these three young superstars are big names in the music scene, themselves!

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Camila is in the running for four Billboard Music Awards this year (including Top New Artist); Shawn has two number one albums on the Billboard 200 chart; and Dua is Spotify U.K.’s most streamed woman in 2017.


Another superstar is will be hosting this year’s ceremony – Kelly Clarkson.


The complete list of nominees is also out – Kendrick Lamar, Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran are tied for the most nominations this year (15 nods for each of them!).

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If this is just the tip of the iceberg, we can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeves.


You can catch their performances at the 2018 BBMA live broadcast on May 20, or watch them perform live on stage at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas (Yes, there are tickets for sale!).


READ: Camila Cabello’s Inspiring Speech On Tour’s Opening Night


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We know that Camila Cabello’s faced a lot of challenges and struggles over the course of her career – especially when she chose to leave Fifth Harmony in late 2016 to pursue her path as a solo artist.


For months and months, she was bombarded with rumors, criticism, and nasty allegations coming at her from all directions, even from the other members of her former group. She’s had her share of doubters and haters, people who couldn’t understand her decision and believed she was making a mistake – and that she couldn’t do it on her own.


Fast forward to now. She’s released a very successful debut album, her singles have been topping the charts, and she kicked off her first solo tour. Camila’s on top of the world – and she couldn’t be more grateful.


During her Never Be The Same tour’s opening night Monday (April 9), the 21-year-old musician opened up to her fans about the hard times she faced, and sweetly encouraged those who may find themselves in similarly difficult positions in their lives to be good to themselves, and to remember – and believe! – that everything will work out.

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Right before she performed “Scar Tissue” Camila said:

“I don’t know if you guys know this, but scar tissue is the piece of skin that grows back. It grows on top of the skin that’s been burned or been hurt. And it’s the body’s way of healing. When I wrote this part of the song, it felt like I was healing.


I just want you to know, that if any of you are going through a tough time or are lost, I just want you to be patient and be loving and be brave, and treat yourself like if you were your own best friend…


I promise you that one day, you’re gonna look in the mirror and you’re not only gonna be better for it, but you healed is gonna be better than the you that was unbroken.”



Camila Cabello Celebrates A Big Music Milestone

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Congratulations are in order for the lovely Camila Cabello!


The former Fifth Harmony member (she left the group in a controversial move at the end of 2016) has been enjoying a hugely successful solo career. Her debut single, follow-ups, and debut album have all been positively received by audiences and critics alike – and she’s become a constant presence at the charts and on everyone’s playlists for months.


Now, she can add another accomplishment to her ever-growing list: Her single “Never Be The Same” has become the first Platinum-certified song released in 2018!


Camila took to Instagram on Friday (April 6) to reveal the awesome news:

“This was my favorite song to write on the album, i remember when we left the studio and I had the bounce, i listened to it in my car a million times because i loved it so much, and i didn’t care what would happen with it once it was out, i just knew i loved it and wanted it to be the next single.


This is seriously one of the coolest most amazing feelings ever,” she added. “Thank you so much in general for supporting my music and for making it possible that i get to live my dream ! i love music and i love you guys and everything is just really good right now and i feel really thankful. thank you”


And perfect timing too – this milestone comes just as she’s about to kick off her Never Be The Same Tour!


So happy for you, Camila!

Camila Cabello’s Tour Sold Out In One Day!

Awesome news for the equally awesome Camila Cabello: Her very first headlining tour completely sold out – in one day.


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The 20-year-old former Fifth Harmony member shared the news on social media last Saturday. With a bunch of crying face emojis, she wrote:

“I have no words- thank you THE TOUR IS SOLD OUT!!!!!!!! i can’t wait to see you all out there … #NeverBeTheSameTour”


Tickets for Camila’s tour went up for pre-sale Thursday and sold out in a lot of places – the rest went up and was sold Friday.

Congratulations, Camila!!!