Adidas Sues Forever 21 Over Three-Stripe Mark

Michaela Marcelo

July 21, 2017



Forever 21 used the three-stripe design –and Adidas ain’t having it.


The sportswear giant is suing Forever 21 for “using a three-stripe design on a range off apparel, athletic wear, and shoes that is ‘confusingly similar’ to [its] well-known and long-trademarked three-stripe design.”



And Adidas means business, taking the suit to federal court and calling the merchandise counterfeit and saying it imitates the brand’s mark “in a manner that is likely to cause consumer confusion and deceive the public regarding their source sponsorship, or affiliation.”

Forever 21 was first sued by Adidas in March, and the clothing brand responded with a countersuit, and according to Hyperbeast claimed that “Adidas has taken its claims even further – too far – essentially asserting that no item of clothing can have any number of stripes in any location without infringing Adidas’ trademarks.” Forever 21 dropped the countersuit.


And now here we go again.