All Glowed Up: Makeup

Roxy Ren

February 11, 2018

What’s going on Popstars?! Roxy here ????????‍♀️ You know Makeup obsessed glitter queen of the universe. Today i wanted to talk about growing up, wait! Not growing up glowing up!

When i was younger i always felt like my Mom’s makeup was “grown up” makeup and the colors were all wrong and the smell…do NOT get me started on the smell! It was horrible! Recently i went to a beauty convention and found out I wasn’t alone and now people 8 years of age & up finally have their very own line. It’s called C’est Moi and it’s more than any pre-teen/teen could ask for infact i use it. Seriously it’s ????
C’est Moi (Pronounced “say mwah”) it’s French in English it means ‘It’s me’. Which i think is fantastic because as a teen it’s so important for you to be well, you! C’est Moi has a astonishing array of colors for all shades all geared towards you doing you.

C’est Moi uses the highest quality, clinically tested, clean, gentle, and thoughtfully formulated products for young delicate skin. Their aim? To inspire a positive journey as you begin using beauty products by providing an environment that allows you to discover and embrace who you are. Swoon! Not only are they paraben free they are good for your skin highly pigmented and gorgeous.

Another company thinking nostalgia is the crayon case site. Jeffree Star recently did a review of this palette and LO♥️ED it! The crayon box ⤵️

Now go glow up already & have fun!  That’s what life’s about!!!


xoxo RoxStar ♥️????