New Music Alert: Ansel Elgort Debuts New Single

Noah Matthews

January 13, 2018

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For those of you who don’t know, Ansel Elgort the 23 year old Golden Globe Nominated Actor actually makes his own music. Ansel first broke into mainstream with his song Home Alone just about year ago. Soon after he followed up with his song Thief which reached over 10 million streams on youtube! 

Now Ansel has released a new single Supernova. Elgort also released a music video along with the track, where he teamed up with famous video director Collin Tilley. The duo went on to create this dark post apocalyptic angsty video. 



In a recent statement he was reported saying “With ‘Supernova’ I made something that I knew I’d want to hear. For the first time with my music, it really feels like it’s really coming from me. I was able to let my subconscious take over and never second-guess any artistic impulse while writing.”

Supernova is a song about an unfaithful relationship where she winds up meeting another guy and leaving him. This leaves Ansel devastated… and quite sweaty, in the music video. 

He went on to say “I’m especially excited about my music project at this moment. Can’t wait to share more of the new stuff.”



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It’s safe to say fans can expect more music from Ansel in 2018 perhaps even a full album!