Ariana Grande Injured Herself Filming “Carpool Karaoke”

Andie Manahan

August 8, 2018


Ariana Grande has no tears left to cry, even in the face of an injury!




The “God Is A Woman” songstress was filming a “Carpool Karaoke” segment with James Corden for The Late Late Show. After, she wrote on Twitter “y’all I love @jkcorden.”


To which the host replied, “This has made my day. The #CarpoolKaraoke we just shot might be one of my favorite ever! I can’t wait for you to see it. @ArianaGrande is the real deal.”



The 25-year-old popstar also took to Twitter to share a photo of her bandaged hand, while giving a thumbs up sign. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I’m AN IDIOT,” she wrote on the photo, and captioned it with a cheeky, “but i LOVE my bandage it looks sick @JKCorden i’ll be ok one day”



When a fans asked what happened, Ari wouldn’t dish on the details, and just responded: “you’ll see ……….. it’s so …… stupid.”


But she did also tell another fan that she had “tons of fun.”


“omg cute. yes, tons of fun. and i love my bandage it’s so cool, i will miss it when i heal,” she tweeted.


It looks like both the James and Ari are excited for their segment to come out. Ari couldn’t rave enough about their day. “that was the best day ever @JKCorden thank you so much to you and your incredible crew and band and writers ! sm fun. can’t wait for y’all to seeeee what we been up to,” she wrote.



Intriguing. But the question remains…what happened to Ari’s hand? Guess we’ll just have to wait to find out!