Ariana’s “Right There,” Right Here!


August 7, 2013

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Ariana’s new song, “Right There,” is right here, and it’s not one to miss!

The song features Big Sean, but Ariana steals the show because her vocals in it are insane!

“Right There” is a bonus track on her debut album, “Yours Truly,” which will be released September 3rd!

Ariana tweeted her excitement about fans’ reaction to the song, saying, “Right There isn’t even a single just a preorder bonus track & it’s already at 22 on iTunes. Ur unreal. Thank you!!!!”

It’s already in the Top 20! Congratulations Ariana, we knew you could do it!

“Right There,” along with the rest of her album, is now available for pre-order! You can get your copy here!