Celebs Are All Over The Eclipse


August 24, 2017



Hello, Great American Eclipse!

Everyone is fangirling about the epic eclipse on August 21 – including our fave celebs! Read on for their awesome posts on social media:


Kevin Jonas: “Coolest thing ever”



  Logan Paul: “Capturing this solar eclipse today for generations to come… it’s only happening once in our lifetime”     



Anna Kendrick: “I’m gonna miss the eclipse and I’m really worried no one is gonna post a crappy picture of it on Instagram”



   Paris Hilton: “#ThatsHot”



Josh Groban: “Well now I have tears in my eyes straining to experience something I never fully will in Los Angeles AGAIN”



  Ryan Seacrest: “Solar glasses, check. Ready for you #SolarEclipse2017”        



Ellen DeGeneres: “I just invested in an eclipse sunglass company. Does anyone know when the next one is?”



Lea Michele: #Eclipse2017 (complete with a photo of the Glee actress wearing eclipse glasses)



 Joe Jonas: *moon emoji* (also with a photo in eclipse glasses)       



Lin-Manuel Miranda: “It seems to me / That this eclipse / Feels me / Feels my softened and uplifted soul / And my newly melted heart / Now blossoming / Into a new life”



    But the award for the best Eclipse experience ever goes to Joe Jonas and DNCE, who teamed up with THE Bonnie Tyler to perform her 1983 hit “Total Eclipse of the Heart” – during the eclipse itself! Them’s bragging rights, right there!  

Watch here: