Chris Jaxon Talks About His Roots and Love for Music!

Michaela Marcelo

December 6, 2017

It’s no doubt that Chris Jaxon is one of the Rising Stars Top 40’s interesting artists!  So, today’s spotlight is on him as we get to know him!
Read on to find out more about him in this exclusive interview!
Chris Jaxon
YayWhen did you start making music?
I started playing drums when I was in 3rd grade and things took off from there. But I didn’t really start writing songs until I was about seventeen.
What are your musical inspirations/influences?
Tyler, the Creator, Radiohead, The Beatles, and Future are just a few of the artists who directly influence my music.
What would be your dream collab?
Tinashe. She has been under the radar lately but I think she is extremely talented and I feel like we could do really great things together.
Where did you grow up? How did it influence your writing process?
I’m from Van Nuys, which is in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. Although many of my influences are from places like England or Atlanta, I definitely still have an LA type of sound. However, I’m from the poorest and most dangerous part of the valley, so I feel like my music is a little grittier than a lot of pop people from the area.
What’s your first memory of creating music?
I was probably in first or second grade and I was drumming on a bunch of buckets in my aunt’s basement in Houston. That’s the moment that made me interested in music.
Chris Jaxon 2
Do you have any pre show rituals?
I usually go to the bathroom about four times. Mentally, I’m never nervous about playing shows. Physically, my body still goes through all the symptoms of nerves.
What’s your favorite venue to play?
Any dream venues you hope to play in the future? I really like playing the Roxy. I hope to play the Avalon pretty soon. Eventually I would like to play the El Rey, but we will see if that happens.
What are your overall career goals?
Popstar played my song on the radio so that was a big moment for me. I would love to go on a tour and be able to put out elaborate music videos.
How would you define your sound?
Sometimes I’m all over the place. I can do pure pop one day and trap the next. I’m also in a metal band, so I really enjoy all kinds of music. I like to think that I pull from all of these sounds to make something uniquely my own. But an easy answer would be Hip-Hop/Pop.
If you haven’t heard Chris Jaxon’s ‘3 Months’ yet, head to Popstar! Radio and catch it there! If not, you can listen to it here:

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