Cole Sprouse Shoots Riverdale Cast as a 50s Classic

Michaela Marcelo

October 19, 2017


Netflix shares the most stunning photos of the cast of Riverdale, shot by none other than Jughead. Check out the black and white stills of his cast mates in what looks a lot like a much older diner than Pop’s. In any case, it perfectly captures what the characters look like if they were a 50s hit mystery, suspense-thriller TV show.

As it is on TV, so it shall be in real life! Jughead Jones and Cole share the habit of being behind the camera more than being in front of it. It shows in his latest ‘project’ too.




Honestly, it looks like these were shot many moons ago! Unfortunately, we don’t get a photo of Juggy in this series but wait ’til you see Betty Cooper.


All photos taken from Netflix FB Page


The bias is real and so is #Bughead. You can literally feel the romance in this photo. I mean, Milkshakes and love never looked this good. Right?