Does Ariana Grande Like Being Compared To Mariah Carey?!


April 18, 2013

Ariana Grande’s new single, “The Way” is doing so well on the charts, and people are talking about how amazing Ariana’s voice is! Ariana has been compared to the voice of pop icon, Mariah Carey numerous times. But, how does Ariana feel about that? She loves it and is completely flattered! Ariana recently spilled in a recent interview all about it.

“She’s an inspiration, she’s the greatest female vocalist, so it was definitely a compliment. Mariah and Whitney Houston were my goddesses growing up,” Ariana said. Ariana also talked about how crazy the success of The Way has been and how Ariana didn’t expect it, “We thought [The Way] would get to the Top 15 and that that would be a great debut and we’d celebrate. I didn’t expect any of this, and I didn’t expect it to debut at 10 on the Billboard chart either. It was craziness to me.” We’re so happy for Ariana and her success!