Dove Cameron & Thomas Doherty Are NOT Broken Up!

Catherine Michelle

June 12, 2018

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Breakup rumors have been plaguing lovebirds Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty — but Dove has taken to social media to set the record straight!


On Monday (June 11), the 22-year-old actress shut down all the speculation by writing this message on Twitter:

“PSA: THOMAS AND I ARE FINE. no we are not broken up yes we are still together no we are not fighting we are madly in love and better than ever please stop speculating/spreading rumors when you have absolutely no basis all smooth sailing over here thanks for checking innnnnn,”

She added:

“not everything i post has to do with thomas. ESPECIALLY when it’s vague/negative. i wouldn’t indirect my boyfriend like that? i’m not 11? i definitely wouldn’t be sneakily hinting at issues in my relationship like hidden meaning easter-egg clues? my life isn’t a reality show? bye.”


The couple met on the set of Descendants 2, and have been dating for a year and a half.


Got that everyone? Dove and Thomas are madly in love!