Drew Barrymore Will Never Do Her Own Stunts Again

Catherine Michelle

April 13, 2018


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Drew Barrymore has been in quite a few action-packed film and TV roles, playing characters that are strong, confident, and totally kick butt – pretty much how the actress is in real life!


And she’s also been known to be gung-ho about doing her own stunts, throwing herself completely in there and giving it her all for every scene.


But Drew has stated recently that moving forward, she will never do her own stunts again.


She revealed to People that on the set of her hit Netflix show the Santa Clarita Diet, a stunt went wrong – resulting in a concussion and a trip to the hospital.

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The 43-year-old actress went on:

“I will never do my own stunts again. That was the end of a wonderful era. I can look back at a bunch of movies that I totally was a baller and always threw myself in there. I whip it in Charlie’s Angels! But I will never do a stunt again because I could’ve died and it was really scary.


I have two children When you don’t have kids, you’re not thinking about your mortality. Now that I have children, I will be sitting on the sidelines.”


In the stunt that went wrong, Drew jumped on an actor’s back – and fell six feet onto concrete. She was in the hospital for two days, and it took a week for her to fully recover and return to set.