Dwayne Johnson Hilariously Takes Credit For Nick Jonas – Priyanka Chopra Romance!

Catherine Michelle

July 11, 2018


Love is truly in the air in Hollywood… from Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin to Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson, Tinseltown is full of happy couples!

And one of the happiest – and most talked about – these days is the gorgeous coupling of Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra. And who can blame us? Nick and Priyanka are super hot and even hotter together!

From the moment their relationship first hit the headlines last May, we’ve all been basking in the glow of their love. And they definitely look loved up! He’s already brought her to his cousin’s wedding to meet the whole Jonas clan, and she’s taken him to her home country to meet her family! They also spent the fourth of July together for a day of Jonas family festivities.



Things are getting serious by the minute – and we couldn’t be happier for the two!

Someone else who’s happy about their coupling? DWAYNE JOHNSON.

In case you didn’t know, Dwayne is actually friends with both Nick and Priyanka, having worked with both of them separately in films back in 2017 – Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle with Nick, and Baywatch with Priyanka. So naturally, he gets asked about the pair.


Well, when Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier asked this particular question to Dwayne:

“You brought Nick and Priyanka together. Is that true?”

Dwayne replied with this:

“Are they happy?”

Kevin confirmed:

“They’re happy.”

And Dwayne, ever the jokester, hilariously declared:

“Well, then, I take credit… I did it, yes. IF they’re happy.”

You crack us up, Dwayne! Also, you just made us melt with how you adorably want to make sure they’re happy!

Of course, the actor’s comments were made in jest. Nick and Priyanka actually met through another mutual celebrity friend: “This guy Graham” aka Quantico star, Graham Rogers.

After attending the Met Gala together in 2017 AS FRIENDS, Nick opened up in December of that year as to how he and Priyanka met:

“[Chopra and I] met through a mutual friend who she did Quantico with — this guy Graham — and we met up like, in New York the first time, and the same day I think we found out that we were both going to the Met Gala with Ralph Lauren.”

And a year after they met, love blossomed. SO SWEET!