EMPIRE’s Raquel Castro Spills On Hot New Role, Music Obsessions & More!


October 27, 2015

We caught up with EMPIRE’s Raquel Castro to chat about her hot new role, her dream music collabs, and all her current obsessions like what she’s binge-watching on Netflix! Check out the answers below and don’t forget to tune into EMPIRE every Wednesday night at 9 pm on FOX!

1. We’re loving you on Empire! What’s it like to be part of one of the hottest shows out right now?
It’s amazing! I remember hearing about this show while I was out in LA, about 2 years ago. I truly am so grateful, to not only have the opportunity to be apart of Empire, but to also be working with such a talented cast!

2. What drew you to this role?
I was super excited that they were bringing Latinas on the show! And the fact that I could act, sing, & dance all in one character, was like a dream come true.

3. We think you’ve got such a unique sound – who’s your dream collab?
Thank you 🙂 That’s a tough question, I admire so many artists. Performance wise ? I’d love to perform with Jennifer Lopez or Beyoncé. I’d love to write with Neyo & Jon Bellion. And I’d love to get on a track with Bruno Mars, Rihanna & Drake. So many others but I’ll keep my list short, and sweet haha.

4. You always look super stylish – how would you describe your personal style? Where do you love to shop?
I’d describe it as Sexy/Chic tomboy with a mix of a hipster vibe. I love beanies and hats. And boot heels! I love PacSun & Forever 21! There’s also a place called Garage in my local mall that I shop at a lot !

5. We know you were apart of Team Christina on The Voice – what was the best piece of advice she gave you? Do you still keep in touch?
She always told us that people will always talk, and have their opinion. Stay true to who you are, and don’t let it effect you. Christina’s an amazing person. I was very lucky to work with her! We don’t keep in touch much, but she just tweeted my video for my new single “Young&Dumb” which was so exciting for me! Appreciate her support so much!

6. What can fans expect from you, music-wise, for the rest of the year?
Right now I’m focusing on promoting Young & Dumb. I’m hoping to release an EP in the beginning of the summer, possibly late June early July. I can’t wait !

7. What’s one thing you were able to cross off your bucket-list this year? (Besides getting this awesome role, haha!)
Hmmmm. Finally getting to release my own music, that I wrote, for sure! It’s been a long time coming, but I’m super excited for this Journey.

8. Any current obsessions? (Ex: books/movies/tv shows)
I’m obsessed with binge watching TV shows on Netflix. I’m corny though, I like all those chick flick romance series haha. I just finished One Tree Hill, and I started Friday Night Lights yesterday, and I’m already obsessed.

9. What’s the most-played song on your iTunes right now?
First Heartbreak- Tori Kelly

10. Any special message you wish to send your fans?
I appreciate all of the support, and I can’t wait to share more music with you! Stay smiling, stay real, stay humble & stay true to yourself!

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