EXCLUSIVE! Kendall K Premieres MV for “Feels Like Christmas” from Her Debut Holiday EP on Popstar!

Michaela Marcelo

December 5, 2017


The 14-year-old YouTube and Dance Moms sensation, Kendall K just released her Debut Holiday EP ‘K-Mas’ last November 10! Now, Kendall wrapped up her first MV for the first single off the EP- “Feels Like Christmas.”



The Dance Moms star has release two solo singles and has been featured on many collaborations. Her single Wear Em Out’s MV beat Taylor Swift at the #1 spot for the number of views!

Kendall K shares her music video for the first song off her EP exclusively with Popstar! and we can’t wait to show you the fun-filled and picturesque scenes from ‘Feels Like Christmas.’


It sure does feel like Christmas! BRB, putting K-Mas on repeat until 2017 ends!