FYI: Dylan And Cole Sprouse ARE Still Working Together!

Catherine Michelle

February 28, 2018

For as long as we can all remember, Dylan and Cole Sprouse have been working together – growing up on our screens in various acting projects, side by side.

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So of course, now that the twins, who previously took a hiatus from acting, are back in the spotlight (Dylan in movies, Cole in his fan fave role of Jughead in The CW’s Riverdale), the clamor has been there for them to work together once more.


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Well, Dylan would like us all to know that they actually ARE still working together – just in a different way!


In an interview with MTV, he shared:

“The misconception is that we don’t work together now, but we actually very much do, but in a very different way.


Cole and I proofread and bounce ideas off each other 24/7. It doesn’t ever really stop, whether or not it’s an audition tape or tweet or reading my script and [him] telling me what you think of this character.”


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But don’t worry guys – Dylan reveals that he would be open to working with Cole on screen again in something that “really, really, really has to be a cool project.”


Fingers crossed that cool project comes their way soon!