Get to Know Popstar! Rising Stars Top 40’s Melanie Taylor

Michaela Marcelo

November 17, 2017

Today we’re introducing you guys to Melanie Taylor. She’s one of the Rising Stars Top 40!

The fresh-faced sweetheart’s single ‘TASTE’ is making waves and we are loving it! That’s why you can catch it on Popstar! Radio. Learn more about Melanie as she answers our questions!

When did you start making music?

I started writing songs literally at the age of 5, driving around in the car with my mom. I would roll the window down and sing out of it so she couldn’t hear me until I was ready to showcase my songs to her! However for a while I thought I would be more of an actress than a singer, so it wasn’t until I made my first single “Freak Out” with a production company that I had been casted by, that I really decided I was going to do music as my #1 priority fully.

What are your musical inspirations/influences?

I’m truly a 90s child and I LOVE putting that influence into my music, I would say my newer music I’m working on takes a lot of it’s angst from Alanis Morissette, and the No Doubt vibe, but I also love where pop music is today which is why I am a huge fan of Bishop Briggs, because I think she’s merging this really old sound with the new which is definitely what I want to do. Demi Lovato is also bringing a lot of- soul lately into her work, and I would say the way I like to sing is similar to her.

Where did you grow up? How did it influence your writing process?

I grew up in Southern California all my life, but was always moving from city to city because of my mom’s work. I think because I never got too comfortable in one place, it made me appreciate a lot of different styles, which is definitely reflected in my songs.  It’s actually been kind of challenging to pin down an exact lane for myself until recently, and I think it’s because I’ve been able to be settled in LA and discover what that was for myself. I will say, I will always be doing some kind of pop music that makes people move, and my more laid back style is probably because of my southern california roots. 

What’s your first memory of creating music?

I’ll never forget the first time I felt the magic of a song I had just written in my head really come to life as a recording. When we had the writing session for my first single, I had written a bunch of lyrics down and recorded some melodies on my phone, but it wasn’t until the producer helped me structure everything out, and tweak the lyrics a little better that everything just fit like a jigsaw puzzle. It was so much fun to have felt like we cracked some invisible code and then hear it back as a real recording once I put down the vocals. After that I was so hooked and wanted to write a million more songs. 

Melanie Taylor Rising Stars Top 40
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Do you have any pre show rituals?

I definitely always warm up my voice, and have been using this same vocal exercise I’ve been using forever. The day of the show I actually really like to run through my entire set just in front of the mirror and go over any little choreography details I might be planning so it feels as natural on stage as possible. Right before I go on stage my band and I always kind of bring it in and say a little prayer – and then I just try to let loose and connect with my audience and have fun as much as possible. 

What’s your favorite venue to play? Any dream venues you hope to play in the future?

In LA it was always my dream to play The Troubadour and now I’ve played there twice so that was definitely an incredible experience. It’s a huge stage but yet the venue itself still feels really intimate, and their sound is always amazing. My dream venue I have to say is definitely The Greek! I love outdoor venues and that one is so magical. 

What are your overall career goals?

I am really in this for the live performances and getting to be onstage. So my ultimate goal is to be traveling the world on endless tours with other incredible artists and musicians I’d get to share the stage with. Of course I’d love to win a Grammy and have all the things that go along with “making it,” but I really want to stand out and be known for having an incredible live show. 

 How would you define your sound?
I always like to use my go-to definition of “soulful pop.”  ????
If you haven’t heard it yet, you can listen to TASTE here:

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