Gina Rodriguez Donated Emmy Campaign Money To An Awesome Cause

Catherine Michelle

June 21, 2018

We’re all super captivated by her as the lead character on Jane The Virgin — and now, she’s done something that has just made us all love her even more!


Instead of focusing on getting herself out there to potentially garner Emmy recognition, the actress has decided to direct the resources instead towards helping someone to achieve higher education.


Networks spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote their shows and make sure voters have them in mind. But Gina has requested that the money The CW has set aside for their Jane The Virgin campaign be donated to a college scholarship for an undocumented high school student who will be heading to Princeton University this fall.

Gina spoke about the gesture to THR, saying:

“Our show has always jumped at any opportunity to help me do something for the Latinx community. So I asked my showrunner, Jennie [Snyder Urman], if we could do something different with the money this year.


It’s taboo to talk about the money being spent, but it’s the reality. I think sharing this might inspire other people to do something similar. You can desire recognition and, at the same time, decide to not play in the confines of the game as it’s set up.”


So amazing! Kudos, Gina!