Going KPOP: The Chainsmokers Collabs With BTS For ‘Love Yourself: Her’ + Comeback Trailer

Michaela Marcelo

September 12, 2017


It’s really happening. September 18 may be the day that BTS finally breaks through the American market when their album drops. Why? Because their title track will be a collab with the Chainsmokers!


Yes, that is happening. And even way before that revelation, BTS’ upcoming album has garnered over 1 million preorders since being open for preorders!

OVER!! 1!!!!! MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!

Talk about talent.



With just a few days left before we get our hands on the most coveted album of the year (probably), BTS has dropped a concept video- much like a music video featuring Jimin, titled ‘Serendipity,’ that is, of course, a comeback trailer. Honestly, we’re all living for how extra BTS can be. Amirite??

Check it out here: