How Katie Austin Found The Healthy Balance In Her Workouts

Andie Manahan

September 13, 2018

Katie Austin 5


Fitness personality, TV host and content creator Katie Austin is one of the Internet’s go-to girl for a daily dose of fitspiration. This certified fitness trainer and health coach has inspired hundreds of thousands on their fitness journey.


Katie sat down with POPSTAR! to share the story of her own road to fitness. “I wanted to show people what I did and how I work out and how I found that healthy balance of working out.”


She’s always led an active life, but she found out she was overdoing some workouts.


“I was actually a Division 1 athlete. So, I worked out for four hours a day,” she says. “I was really into lifting – heavy lifting. And I really was almost killing my body, my muscles. I was so sore all the time.”


She eventually had to make a choice. “I decided to move on from playing lacrosse at USC,” she shared, elaborating, “Not only I wanted to pursue a career in TV hosting, but it was really hard on my body and I felt like I needed more of a balance with you know chilling out. I mean, our bodies can’t handle four hours hard heavy lifting every single day.”


“Once I moved on from lacrosse, I, then, got into a lot of running,” she continued.


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Katie eventually found the right balance in her exercises. “Basically, I combined my love of still working out hard – the HIIT workouts and the really intense workouts – but more of a softer version of that, like 30 minutes or less,” she shared, adding, “I don’t run as much anymore. I just found a really healthy balance over the past few years of what works for my body.”


She takes her learnings from her own experiences and shares them to help people on their fitness journeys.


“I tried to going to the college gym and I was honestly just so uncomfortable,” she said, recalling the experience that led to her epiphany – “Oh my gosh, girls really would love some help on how to work out in five feet of space – when you don’t feel comfortable going to the gym, or you don’t have time to go to the gym.”


Katie also gets really real. “I’m a real human. I’m authentic. This is me,” she declares. “I want them to come in my daily like. I want them to see what I’m really like.”


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