Jace Norman Speaks Out on Logan Paul Issue

Catherine Michelle

January 12, 2018

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During his appearance on Build Series in NYC Thursday, Henry Danger star and digital creator Jace Norman addressed the Logan Paul controversy, and everything that it’s set in motion.


Jace, who owns his own digital media company, said:

“I don’t think he was purposely trying to do anything, I just think he got caught up in it,” he shared, adding, “You get caught up in the ‘this is me’ and ‘I got to do this’ ‘I got to do crazy and crazier’ and I have to get a bunch of views, now I have to get more…”

Jace continues, “In his brain, he [probably] thought that was a good idea because he got so caught up in it…Now, it’s good that he got the backlash because then it shows other people that you have to watch yourself and you have to be a good person.”


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He also shared that his company, Creator Edge Media, is different from what Logan does, and focuses on quality content, not views.