James Maslow: “The More I Do, The More Authentically Me The Music Has Become”

Catherine Michelle

July 11, 2018


James Maslow was born to be on stage. He’s been singing in the shower since he was around five, and he hasn’t stopped performing.


His big break came when he was chosen to be part of Big Time Rush. From charming audiences as dreamy James Diamond on their hit TV show to crooning his way to stardom when they boys took the band from reel to real, James’ passion for the craft burned bright: “I love being on stage.”



Since leaving Big Time Rush behind, he’s been giving all of us a big rush with all the amazing things he’s been up to! Check out what he’s been doing after he shed his boy band past –


He released his debut solo album.


In 2017, James dropped his debut record, and fans were bowled over by his sexy, more grown-up sound. He was involved in every step of the whole recording process, and he’s consistently bettering himself as a musician. “The better you get at everything the better you can be at whatever you need to do.”


He learned more about relationships.


When asked about what he looks for in a girl, James gave an insightful answer: “I thought I had these specific requirements. But those things aren’t the important things in relationship. I guess what I would tell my younger self is [to] look for somebody who genuine and who supports you.”



He dipped his foot in the wildly entertaining pool of reality TV.


Way back in 2014, he already had a taste of reality TV when he joined the reality competition Dancing With The Stars. But more recently, he took on a bigger, challenge: Celebrity Big Brother. He stepped into that house earlier this year, and we watched him navigate the hardships of being closed of from the real world — not to mention all the drama! “I think I did pretty good job of remembering it’s a game. It wasn’t that I didn’t take it seriously. [But] t’s not worth doing anything we don’t want to be remembered for.”



He’s got a new single, “All Day”!


James has collaborated with up-and-comer Dominique on a brand new track. “I’m just so excited about this song. I’m so excited [to work with] Dominique, she’s incredibly talented, amazing song writer, amazing singer. We’re still writing music. I’m excited about “All Day” for so many reasons.”


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