Find Out How Jennifer Lawrence Wound Up Naked in Kim K’s Closet

Michaela Marcelo

November 3, 2017


Jimmy Kimmel ended his week-long show of celebrity guest hosts with a bang. If you’ve watched Jennifer Lawrence’s interviews for her latest movie, ‘mother!’ you’d know why she interviewed Kim K. You can also clearly see how much the actor really enjoyed her gig and did a pretty good job at it. Apparently the two have cozied up beforehand and even had interesting nights together. One night involves getting drunk (of course) with Kris Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence naked in Kim K’s closet. 

While JLaw was very naked, she wasn’t afraid at all- at least from her story.

Jimmy Kimmel should watch out, TBH. Did you guys see her hosting skills? Somebody give this girl a talk show and a cameo on KUWTK!