Joe Keery Gives His Honest Opinion on Poutine During Visit to Montreal

Michaela Marcelo

November 13, 2017

Canada is known for a lot of things. Thankfully, Joe Keery was at Montreal to tell us about some of the few (stranger) things that he came across with while he was there.

He starts off looking gorgeous with that Farrah Fawcett hair (it’s Faberge). So, here’s a treat for all you who love Babysitter Steve the most.

Joe Keery Montreal Poutine





Oh, what’s that? You’re in love? We were right from the first word of this piece. And it doesn’t even end there.


You’ll fall in love with him even more.


Didn’t know that was possible yet here we are. Joe perfectly sums up poutine in 5 words! Do you love poutine too? I just might.

But, we sure wish we’d bump into Joe in a different city soon. He seems like a hilariously friendly guy.