Joey King Reveals: “I Got Told I Wasn’t Pretty Enough”

Catherine Michelle

September 12, 2018

Joey King 3


She shot to fame with The Kissing Booth, and it’s not hard to see why: She’s charming, talented, and totally mesmerizing.


But Joey King has revealed that there was a time when she was made to feel she wasn’t good enough for stardom.




In a recent interview with Euphoria Magazine, the 19-year-old actress opened up about the harsh realities of the industry – and how her upbringing raised her to have thick skin:


“I’ll be honest: I got told I wasn’t pretty enough for a role, and that really hurt me because it was just the harshness which unfortunately you have to become callous to.


But with the type of person that I am, it fuels me, even more, to stay true to myself and be myself as much as I can, and I’m so grateful I was raised that way. I was raised in a way to let things roll off my back and taking a pause before I let anything affect me.”


Joey is definitely tough. And she’s not letting anything deter her from following her passion – acting, which she fell in love with at a very young age. She shared:


“I was so enamored at how much fun I had throughout the whole experience. That was when I was like: ‘This is was what I want to do forever.’


Joey King



Even at 9, I knew, and as I’ve gotten older that love has never left, which I’m so happy and grateful for.”


And with a passion as fierce as hers is for her craft, it’s no wonder she has an incredible work ethic – and an amazingly positive and level-headed outlook about being an actress:


“I think I’m someone who is professional but I don’t take things too seriously. Like yes, it is a job. Yes, it is work, but I never want to lose my sense of fun.


I think that’s what makes me so in love with my job… I always have a good time doing it. Even if the subject matter is dark and heavy, or the physicality of it is draining, I want to make sure I’m having fun.


Like every time I step on a new set, it’s an adventure to make new friends meet new people.”