John Cena Pours His Heart Out About Nikki Bella — Find Out What He Said, And How She Reacted!

Catherine Michelle

May 16, 2018

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There seems to be a lot of love, still, between this recently-split pair.


When John Cena appeared on the Today show Monday (May 14), he got candid about his ex-fiance Nikki Bella, pouring out his heart and emotionally stating that his heart was broken, and that he still wanted to marry her and raise a family with her!


Here’s the sweet, heart aching words John spoke about Nikki:

“I’ve always been honest with you guys, I also don’t want to ruin viewers’ mornings by giving them a bowl of sadness soup … It’s been incredibly reflective, which is amazing, but it is very difficult. I had my heart broken out of nowhere, or for me it was out of nowhere. And anyone who has experienced that knows that it comes with a series of bad feelings.


I love her. I want to be with her. I want to make her my wife. I want to be the father of her children.


I just want us to work.”



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His big revelation about his feelings for Nikki did not go unnoticed by his ex. When asked about it by Extra, this is how she reacted:

“I’m speechless. That’s crazy. I have hope … I’m at a point in my life where I feel like I kind of lost me and I want to find me and work on me.


I just want John and I both to live happily ever after whether it’s together or separate and I just don’t want us to go down the road in life and have regrets of like ‘I did this for you’ or ‘you did this for me.’


So I think it’s okay in relationships to take that moment.”


Wishing you both a lot of love and happiness!