Justin Baldoni Shares Powerful Message in an Open Letter To All Men.

Michaela Marcelo

October 13, 2017


In the wake of the patriarchal and sexual abuse in Hollywood, there have been a number of empowering messages shared. But, Jane the Virgin star- Justin Baldoni, may have shared the most important one.

While it is important to applaud the women who have come forward, something more important has to be addressed. This is something Justin Baldoni knew.



The almost father of two has always been an advocate of feminism and has never been afraid of redefining masculinity. And we are so inspired by all of his love and his huge heart. Which is why this letter from him wasn’t out of character and we thank him for sharing his love and support.

“I wish men in power didn’t use it to take advantage of and harm women and girls… and men and boys too. But they do.”


The actor was never silent when it cam to his beliefs and feminism. He’s also been propagating a message of love for the longest time. So, be sure to follow him and be inspired.

Thank you, Justin- for being the light to guide the future men of this world.