Justin Bieber Asked Stephen Baldwin For Hailey’s Hand In Marriage – Plus, Hailey’s Old Jelena Tweets Resurface!

Catherine Michelle

July 11, 2018


This couple’s love story just keeps getting cuter and cuter!


As we all know, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are now officially engaged. Justin proposed to Hailey while on vacay together – after rekindling their relationship a month ago.


The two have a long shared history: Justin and Hailey first met in 2009, became friends, first started sparking dating rumors in 2014 and were often seen together for the next two years. Things heated up in 2016, with that infamous kissing photo going on Instagram in early 2016. And then they broke it off just months later, with Justin talking about Hailey being the girl he might marry someday and how he didn’t want to hurt her.


Fast forward to a couple years later, and the couple are now happily engaged and looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together. Awwwww.


But wait – it gets better!



TMZ has reported that before taking that huge step, Justin actually first took another huge step on his own: He approached Hailey’s father to ask for her hand in marriage!


The 24-year-old pop superstar met with Stephen ‘several weeks ago’ to discuss Justin’s intentions towards his daughter, and for Justin to get Stephen’s blessing before proposing. It was very important for Justin to get Hailey’s dad’s approval – and Stephen, who is also a minister in New York, was very impressed by Justin’s Christian values.


Double awwwwwwww.



Speaking of having a long history together, Hailey’s old tweets about Justin and Selena have recently resurfaced following the news of her engagement to Justin. And get this: Hailey was a total Jelena shipper!


Years before she began dating Justin, Hailey was tweeting these Jelena gems:

September 2011

“I don’t care what anyone says but Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez together is the definition of a teenage dream!”


January 2012 (Defending Jelena)

“She is beyond flawless and he’s ya know he’s Bieber. They are the perfect relationship.. Forever alone.”


February 2012

“I gotta say I was really looking forward to seeing what color coordination Jelena was gonna do for this year’s VF party.. #sigh #ohwell”


Okay, teen Jelena fangirl Hailey was so adorable!


And look how things turned out – from tweeting about being forever alone to now getting ready to walk down the aisle! Jelena may have been a teenage dream, but Justin and Hailey are for keeps.


Congratulations again, Justin and Hailey!