Kaia Gerber Talks Marc Jacobs, High School & More

Vanessa Salles

May 19, 2017


There’s no denying it, Kaia Gerber’s poised to become the next big thing. The young actress/model, who just so happens to be the daughter of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, recently opened up about her life and her latest gig for Marc Jacobs in a shoot with Byrdie.

Here are some interview highlights:

On high school life: “I love normal high school things. When I’m working, sometimes I’ll have to miss a party or something, and I still get bummed out about stuff like that. I get as excited about something in school as I do about work, and that’s why it’s fun. When I’m not working, I’m a normal high school girl. I think separating it is good – my friends at school, we don’t really talk about this side of my life. The only connection is when they see me on Instagram and stuff, but other than that, when I’m at home, I’m just normal. I don’t think you ever really get used to being photographed; it’s not a normal thing. So when I can stay out of it, I do.”

On not saying no to pizza: “Staying in shape is definitely something I think about, but I don’t let it get in the way. I’m active, but I’m not just going to wake up and go to the gym and not eat pizza. If there’s pizza or if there’s ice cream, I’m going to eat it. If you’re not going to eat it when you’re 15, when are you going to eat it? This is probably one of the last times that I can do this, so I’m like, ‘Sure, give me everything because one day, I’m not going to be able to eat whatever I want.’”

On working with Marc Jacobs: “As far as my career, I just hope to continue working with Marc Jacobs. He’s super collaborative and creative. I’m never afraid to speak my mind. That’s what I love about this brand; there’s never just one girl that you have to be. Otherwise, I just don’t want to close any doors for my career. I did an independent movie, and that was fun. I’m so young—who knows what I’ll do one day? But this modeling thing is working right now. So I’m just going for it.”

PHOTO: Nick Hudson/Byrdie