28 Nov

Kat McNamara Celebrates her Sweet Sixteen!

Kat and Dylan Riley Snyder!

Rising star Kat McNamara, whom you will soon see in New Year’s Eve with Jake T. Austin, Zac Efron and Abigail Breslin, turned 16 on November 23 and celebrated by donating toys to families in need!

Instead of asking friends to bring her presents, this year Kat decided to “adopt a family” through the L.A. Children’s Hospital and buy them gifts for the holidays. Kat and some of her celebrity friends had a blast shopping for the toys and clothes they would give away and then wrapping them at Kat’s house!

Check out this video of Kat and her friends wrapping the presents!


Stars and friends who helped Kat celebrate her birthday include Joel Courtney, Brendan and Lachlan Meyer, Christian Fortune, Luke Benward, G Hannelius, Dylan Riley Snyder, Beanie Feldstein, Taylar Hender, Lexie Hofer, Evan Hofer, Tyler Braden and Corinne Azimi!

Check out our gallery for photos of Kat and her friends hard at work!

We think that doing something for charity makes for a great birthday party! Would you ever consider doing something like that to celebrate?


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