Kiernan Shipka Almost Played Betty Cooper On ‘Riverdale’

Andie Manahan

October 15, 2018

Kiernan Shipka


We can’t wait to see her on the much-awaited Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but turns out Kiernan Shipka may have cast a spell over the world of Archie long before she took on the role of Sabrina Spellman.




Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Riverdale and Sabrina showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa revealed that he had wondered about having the Mad Men actress on Riverdale – as Betty Cooper. “Kiernan was iconic in Mad Men, and I had even thought about her, I was like, ‘Oh I wonder if she’d ever do Betty,’” he said.


The role ultimately went to Lili Reinhart (and she’s totally perf as Betty!), but Kiernan was never far from their minds. “When [Sabrina] moved from CW to Netflix, our casting director David Rapaport said, ‘By the way this is something Kiernan might be interested in,’” Roberto recalls. “There was no script at the time, but from the second he said that, for me it was sort of like, ‘Okay she’s Sabrina. I’m writing this for Kiernan.’”


Kiernan Shipka 2


He also went on to say that Kiernan was his first choice to play Sabrina Spellman. “She felt like the right actor at the right age at the right point in her career and someone who was up for the challenge, because it’s grueling. She’s in practically every scene. But for me, Sabrina had to stand up to the Dark Lord, the devil, and these very formidable opponents and someone like Kiernan has the gravitas and the assuredness to be able to do that. I’d say she was my first choice for sure. For sure.”


Another trivia: Sabrina almost became the big bad of Riverdale’s season two. But in the end, Roberto decided against it. “It felt like if Riverdale is crime and pulp and all that stuff, then Sabrina could be horror. It felt like there was a separation between Greendale and Riverdale — magic should exist in Greendale, but not in Riverdale. That was the thought,” the showrunner told EW.


Is there still a chance Sabrina will drop by the town of Riverdale for a visit in the future? Anyone up for that crossover?