LANY covers ‘Sign of the Times’ and It Sounds So Different!!

Michaela Marcelo

October 20, 2017


LANY doesn’t do covers much because their songs are already cover-worthy. However, they made an exception when they finally got to the Spotify Studios in NYC!



So, thanks to Spotify we are blessed with an unrecognizable, synth-pop and nostalgic version of Harry Styles’ hit ‘Sign of the Times.’ And trust me when I say, you’ve got to hear it.


And since the band is known for their tradition of stripping down their songs like ILYSB, they did the same with ‘Super Far’ which is off their self-titled album.

Super Far has broken Spotify’s Top 200 Charts and Top 50 Viral Songs Globally, and the music video directed by Isaac Ravishankara (Hozier, Aurora and Kesha) currently has over 2.3 million views! The song is actually co-written  by Ryan Tedder and has over 56M streams on Spotify!

Listen to the stripped version here: