Lili Reinhart’s Throwback + Sweet Birthday Shoutout For Cole

Michaela Marcelo

August 8, 2017


Lili Reinhart’s throwback photo just took us all back to when she first got her Riverdale role – and yes, it is every bit as adorable as it sounds!

Casting for the TV adaption of the beloved Archie Comics was surrounded by a lot of buzz and anticipation; after all, these were iconic characters they’d be breathing life into! So of course, when Lily got that life-changing, you-got-the-role news, she preserved the moment with a selfie (as you do).

Lili shared the photo on Twitter, with the caption: “Found this pic on my phone from the day I found out I booked the role.”



And that shirt? SO CUTE! “Was gifted to me earlier that day by @WriterRAS,” Lili shared when asked about the shirt by co-star Shannon Purser (Big Ethel). Well, we’re definitely on Team Lili-As-Betty, because girl, you are PERFECTION on the show! And if that’s not enough, your girl just posted a super sweet birthday greeting for her favorite twin.