Listen to Beyoncé on Eminem’s Track ‘Walk On Water’

Michaela Marcelo

November 10, 2017


It’s been a while since the Rap God’s last album- four years to be exact. Aside from his cypher that went viral, this track with Beyoncé is one of the many on his upcoming album. In a few days’ time, Eminem will drop (supposedly) on Nov. 17.

‘Walk On Water’ is a very intimate song, and surprisingly showcases a side of Eminem we have all yet to see. Even for Bey! The song’s powerful lyrics really puts things in perspective and shows just how similar we all are to each other.


Amidst all that the rapper has gone through and struggled with, it is really nice and comforting to see our idols in a more humanizing light.

This collab, the song, the lyrics are so spot on. It surely delivers a message we all have to hear.