Logan Lerman Has Been Found!

Michaela Marcelo

August 9, 2017

…on Instagram!

After years of wondering where the blue-eyed sweetheart has been since the release of his last movie, “Indignation,’ Logan has been found after posting a thankful IG story!

2017-08-10 01.08.06

To commemorate reaching 1.2 million followers, Logan updated us with a selfie! Though half-covered with his hand, you can clearly see that he is aging well- just look at that scruff! We were also blessed with the fact that there are good stuff about to come our way. 

Having last posted on July 8, it’s been well over month since we’ve heard from the star and frankly, we all miss his beautiful soul. In said post, he announces the wrapping up of his new film for 2018, ‘End Of Sentence.’  Just a few months more, and we’ll get more  of Logan and hopefully, he’ll stay in sight!

That’s a wrap on #endofsentence in Ireland. Had a blast making this one.

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Shoutout to all the fans out there that allowed us to be blessed with this beautiful face again!