Millie Bobby Brown Freaks Out Over Niall Horan!

Catherine Michelle

January 11, 2018

Ever since Stranger Things first came out, people have been freaking out over the talented stunner who plays Eleven – Millie Bobby Brown. The love just intensified with the release of Stranger Things 2 late last year; after all, she – and the rest of the cast – were fantastic!

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But as it turns out, Millie Bobby Brown’s been doing a bit of freaking out herself! Girl’s got the most adorable reaction over former 1D Niall Horan!

See, Niall just finally finished watching Stranger Things after putting it off for so long because he was too scared (something former bandmate Louis Tomlinson never lets him live down!). And he loved itt so much that he tweeted about it:


“Finished Stranger things this evening. Never thought  I would be this obsessed by a show.”


This got Millies’s attention. She tweeted:

“Yessss! So glad you liked it @NiallOfficial”

To which Niall replied:

“Loved it! Congratulations darling, you were fantastic.”




What happened next is exactly how all of us would react if we were in Millie’s place: He inner fangirl came out shamelessly! She replied:

“thank you! (literally fangirling and freaking out right now…)”


We’re freaking out at all this cuteness!