MUST-SEE: Stealth, Star Power, And Social Media Slip Ups Are On POPSTAR! This Week!

Catherine Michelle

August 6, 2018


Get ready for POPSTAR! This Week!


The hottest Hollywood heist movies. American Idol’s successful alums. Celebrities firmly against fur. Stars roasted on social media.


POPSTAR! This Week brings Tinseltown at their sneakiest, stealthiest best, and Idol hopefuls who’ve steadfastly chased their dreams. Stars who’ve used their voices to do something good – and stars who’ve said or done the wrong things for all of social media to see.


Your hip, new weekly source for everything entertainment and more’s got stealth, star power, the ups of celebrity influence and downs of social media booboos. All on POPSTAR! This Week!



What’s on POPSTAR! This Week?


Stealth, star power, and celebs speaking out:

  • Hollywood heist films at their very best
  • Former American Idol contestants turned huge stars
  • Celebrities making a stand against fur
  • Stars roasted for social media slip ups


All your entertainment essentials are right here on POPSTAR! This Week with host, actress/TV personality Elizabeth Stanton (This Just In, Elizabeth Stanton’s Great Big World), and celebrity panelists Devon Werkheiser (Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide), Jibrizy (the “Hip-Hop Magician”), Sheridan Pierce (Dear White People), Maiara Walsh (The Last Ship, Desperate Housewives), and Noah Matthews (True Blood)!


What do they think about the end of Inception? Which celebrity panelist has gone vegan and strictly sticks to faux fur? Which of them would turn the others in if they were involved in a heist?


Join in on POPSTAR! This Week’s star-studded chit-chat over at (put link and details here) and get the scoop straight from your go-to weekly source on what’s hot, what’s not – and much, much more!


If you’re into it, POPSTAR! This Week is definitely talking about it!


POPSTAR! This Week starts now!