Nev Scharrel Talks ‘Despicable Me 3’ In Exclusive Q&A!


September 26, 2016

Nev Scharrel picture

Ready for the cutest interview, ever? We chatted with Despicable Me 3 star Nev Scharrel about the upcoming film! The young actress told us all about her experience recording the voice of Agnes, how she’s celebrating the movie’s premiere, and SO much more! Check out her Q&A below 🙂

What was your experience like recording the voice for Agnes?
Well, I get to do screaming and whispers, jump up and down…I got to meet the voice of ALL the minions and it’s just ONE GUY!!! I also got to meet some famous people at the recording studios and in the bathroom THERE IS EVERYTHING like toothpicks, perfume, hairspray, spa stuff, a bunch of make-up, and much more. One time, the director, Pierre was eating a giant pizza in France while watching me on skype. It’s so fun!!!

How did you feel when you discovered that you got the part?
I was like “Oh my GOOOSH, no way, no way!” It was was one of the best days of my life.

Were there any scenes that were your absolute fave to record?
I got to eat yummy cookies while talking because they wanted to record me chewing…but I don’t smack.

How will you celebrating the movie’s premiere?
I get to take my mom, dad and brother to go see it and get lots of snacks and popcorn. We’ll laugh at funny parts and cry at sad parts. We are going to have a party for all my friends and family and go see the movie together in Colorado, too!

In your own words, why should fans go watch Despicable Me 3?
Well, I know for a fact Agnes has a lot of really funny lines and I’m guessing the other characters are going to have lots of laughs too. There’s new characters and if you like the old characters, then they’re still there!

What’s your favorite song?
Wiggle Wop because I like the duck sound in it and I like the beat because it makes me have adrenaline!