New Music Alert: James Maslow Debuts Steamy New Single “All Day” ft. Dominique


May 10, 2018


James Maslow has come out with a new single “All Day” ft. Dominique we absolutely love it over here at Popstar! So we had to get in touch with James and ask him a few questions about this song! 

What is the inspiration behind “all day” 

I wanted to talk about something that’s relatable to right now. As a generation, I bet there’s more flirting over text than in person, and though that’s not exactly how I like to talk to girls, I find myself doing the same thing! So All Day is really saying “I get it” and ya, I’ll keep on doing this over text but I’d much rather do it in person.

What was it like working with Dominque?

Dominique is as talented as she is humble. It’s so nice working with someone who just loves making music, and gets excited about the journey, not just the end result. You’ll definitely see a lot more of her out there soon! 

Do you have a favorite moment recording “all day”

We had to do a “clean version” for the premiere we did with Macy’s and IheartRadio. I went in to the studio to recut the first line, and we literally did one take and went yup, that’s it! You know a song sits well in your voice when it’s that easy to sing. Made me excited to perform it live!

What is an average day In the studio like?

No such thing. Sometimes it’s 2 hours and you write and cut a song that’s amazing, and other times it’s 12 hours and you come out with nothing you’re excited about. But that’s part of the journey. Even the best songwriters and artists can’t create a hit every time they try. If anyone thinks differently they’re delusional. 

Is this single stand alone? Or can we expect a full album soon?

Both? Haha. It’s the first of many, so eventually there will be an album, but I’m not rushing it.