Nina Nesbitt Releases “The Moments I’m Missing” + Lyric Video

Vanessa Salles

July 14, 2017


Need more Nina Nesbitt in your life? We’ve got you covered! The singer just released a brand new track – written and produced herself – which serves as her most personal song yet! “The Moments I’m Missing” features heartfelt and relatable lyrics and is sure to become your new fave!

Nina says of the track:
“I went home from a session for someone else and I wanted to write a song nobody else could sing but me. I loved how rappers or R&B artists talked about their lives and I wanted to find the singer-songwriter version of that. It’s not about missing as in longing; it’s about the moments I’m missing from my brain. It’s about recollecting.”

Watch the lyric video below:


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