19 Jun

Olivia Holt Stars in New Disney Series!

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Olivia Holt from Disney XD’s “Kickin’ It” will be starring in a new Disney Channel original series, “I Didn’t Do It”!

The show is about two fraternal twins in their freshman year of high school. But to put a spin on the series, every show will begin with an event, and then within the episode each twin will recount their version of what just happened using flashbacks to help tell their side of the story!

Both characters are very competitive, so that is sure to mean plenty of crazy scenarios and exaggerated tall tales!

Olivia Holt will play Lindy, and her twin, Logan, will be played by newcomer, Austin North!

Filming for “I Didn’t Do It” is scheduled to begin later this summer, and the show will premiere sometime in 2014!

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