Pantone Reveals Color for 2018 and Its Meaning Will Keep You Hopeful for the Coming Year

Michaela Marcelo

December 8, 2017

2017 has been all over the place- quite messy really. While we all had a meaningful start to the year, I think we can all agree that we’re all ready to get this year over and done with. Despite 2017’s promising start with its colors, we all know that it was a rough year for most Hollywood couples that were well-loved,and our favorite icons that were finally shed of their true colors. In Pantone’s official announcement, 2018 seems to be more exciting and promising, especially with its color- Ultra Violet.

Here’s the Color Institute’s official statement:


Pantone 2018 Color


We don’t know about you, but as the Mercury Retrograde finally comes to a close, we feel like we’re closer to self-actualization and taking a step towards a more empowered society that supports creativity, uniqueness and nerve, instead of fighting it and being scared of it.

As it says, we hope 2018 does bring everybody to that higher lever of self-awareness. If we take it from prominent figures that we’ve associated with this color, like Prince, we say that the year ahead is one we’d be totally excited to have a downpour of Purple Rain.