Paris Jackson Shows Off Her Singing Skills!

Catherine Michelle

March 16, 2018

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Her dad is Michael Jackson – so of course, from the moment she was born, we’ve all been wondering if Paris Jackson got her father’s mad vocal skills. And as she grew up and became more visible to the public eye, we’ve all been hoping she’d let us in on her musical inclinations.


Well, that time has come. The only daughter of the King of Pop is flaunting her singing on social media, sharing videos of her in a jam session with friends!


The 19-year-old uploaded the vids to her Instagram account, with the caption:

“#treehousecanyonsessions @austinbrown @brianlondon,”

#treehousecanyonsessions @austinbrown @brianlondon

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Aside from singing (and modeling), Paris is also showing off her acting chops in the film Gringo.