POPSTAR! Brings Us To Beautiful Bavaria!

Catherine Michelle

July 11, 2018


Searching for that next magical destination for your wanderlust ways? Stepping into a modern fairytale is the perfect, enchanting way to go!


POPSTAR!’s Liz Stanton gives us all the magical storybook feels as she brings us to a bewitchingly beautiful location of Europe: Bavaria.



She paints a breathtaking picture:

“Exploring southern Germany is like flipping the pages of a modern fairy tale! The southern state of Bavaria is gorgeous – the countryside is dominated by the sprawling mountains of the Central Alps, clean lakes and medieval villages.”



And Liz shares that the sunny time of the year is the best time to take a trip to the lovely area:

“Summer is festival season in Bavaria, and the place to be is Lake Tegernsee. The Lake Festival is like the Oktoberfest in Munich, lasting from morning until midnight.

Friends, family, kids, grandparents, tourists all come together to eat traditional food, dance to brass bands, and celebrate with a big party.”



Festival season in Bavaria sounds incredible. And so does its capital city – Munich:

“Another place to explore is Bavaria’s capital city, Munich. You can walk almost everywhere, from the historic squares to the infamous Bavarian beer gardens.



Near the city, a ferry ride will take you to the grounds of the Nymphenburg Palace, the Versailles inspired summer residence for Bavarian monarchs.”

And to top it all off, Liz dishes that it’s the most wonderful time of the year, ALL YEAR, in this particular spot:

“I hear it’s Christmas all year in the medieval village of Rothenburg! Basically, you can’t go wrong in Bavaria!”

We totally agree, Liz! Bavaria sounds oh-so-right – and super spectacular!