Rising Star Top 40 FAQ


1. What is Popstar! Radio?

Popstar! Radio is a new hit music station that features a unique mix of positive and upbeat music. It is listener-driven and targets males and females between the ages of 16 and 26. The station plans to break new singers and bands to get them the much-needed airplay that other radio networks typically ignore. Popstar! Radio aims to help anyone who has talent and a great song to become a popstar on its platform.


2. Where can I listen to Popstar! Radio?

You can listen to Popstar! Radio right *HERE* on our website and on the free Popstar! Radio App, available on the Apple Store and Google Play.


3. How often will my song be played on the radio?

Once selected as part of the Top 40, your song will be part of a randomized rotation Monday-Thursday 10am-7pm PST and will play once a week for each week of the contest. The Top 40 songs will be broadcast within a 15 minute window of the top of each hour (i.e. 4pm-4:15pm). At the beginning of the week, we will send all contestants a schedule of when each song will be played so you can tell your fans to tune in. On Sundays during the competition, the entire lineup of songs will be played twice in order of least votes to most votes. The final top 40 countdown will be played on the Friday immediately following the conclusion of the contest.


4. How do I know if I’m eligible to enter?

In order to be eligible to enter, you must be an independent band or solo artist from the US who has members 18 years or older. You must also have at least one original song to submit that fits our submission requirements.


5. How do I know if I’m eligible to vote?

If you are 13 years or older and have an email address, you are eligible to sign-up and vote for your favorite artist. Remember, you can vote once every 24 hours, so make sure you keep
checking back in!


6. Can I submit a cover song?

No. As per our submission requirements, you are only allowed to submit a song that is originally written and owned by you.


7. I’m an EDM producer and I have an original song that I want to submit. Am I allowed to participate in the contest?

Yes! As long as the song fits our criteria and demographic and conforms to our submission requirements, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a band, independent performer, or producer.


8. Will I get paid royalties for my song playing on the radio?

No. By submitting your song to us for the contest, you are giving us the right to play it royalty-free on Popstar! Radio. All of the details can be read in the *official rules and regulations*.


9. How will I know when my song will be on during the week?

As stated above, Popstar! will email each contestant at the beginning of the week with a schedule of all play times.


10. Is Popstar! Radio international?

Yes, Popstar! Radio is accessible worldwide online as well as on the free Popstar! Radio app.