Ross Butler: Reggie Mantle or Zach Dempsey?


July 14, 2017


Asian-American hottie Ross Butler did a good job capturing everybody’s hearts when he appeared on two of the most talked about series of 2017- Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why. Who does that? He does.

He plays Reggie Mantle, Archie’s quarterback rival, in Riverdale. Where, bless Netflix, we are graced to see him in all his locker room glory.

In loving memory of Ross Butler as Reggie Mantle Riverdale Season 1. See below:


As if one show wasn’t enough for us to witness this beautiful man, he goes on to appear in 13 Reasons Why as Zach Dempsey. Here, Butler is a classic jock struggling to keep his social standing on campus and do the right thing.

This leaves us wondering: Which Ross Butler do you love more, Reggie Mantle or Zach Dempsey?

How do you even??