Shay Mitchell Ran Topless Through The Streets Of LA!

Catherine Michelle

February 12, 2018

You guys. Shay Mitchell keeps her word. This past week, the Pretty Little Liars hit 3 million subscribers on YouTube – and she celebrated it by following through with a promise she made some time ago!

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Her assistant Sammy was the one who reminded Shay and her subscribers of this monumental promise, saying:

“Do you remember in Morocco on our Shay-cation when you were like, ‘Yeah, I’ll run through the streets naked when I hit 3 million subscribers on YouTube.’ It’s a legally binding conversation.”

When Shay replied that she’d do it if she wore a mask, Sammy immediately pulled out a full-head unicorn mask from the closet!


So, keeping her word, Shay stripped down to a pair of “Nice Buns” panties and jogged off – with Sammy driving alongside the actress to record the whole thing on video.

After her jog, Shay got into the car, declaring:

“A deal is a deal and I did it!

“Guess what happens when I hit ten?”